Comparative Files (Approved Rates) of Tender for 2017-2018

Tender Bedding, CCTV-Camera,  Tender Coal Computer Parts,

Computer AMC,Daily Uses, Electrical Hand Pump,Food Grains,Furniture

Green  Vegetable Fruit Chicken Egg FishHair Cutting,

 Games & SportsStudent Office Stationary,

UniformUtensil, Uniform Iron, Building Maintenance

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Tender for 2017-2018   - 

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Tender Bedding Building,  CCTV-Camera,  Tender Coal Computer,  Daily Uses,

Electrical Hand Pump Furniture,   Equipment,   Food Grains,   Furniture,  

Green  Vegetable Fruit Chicken Egg Fish,   Hair Cutting,    Milk Sweets, 

 Potato Onion,   Sports,   Stitching,   Student Office Stationary Washable Item,

Uniform,   Utensil,   Washing Pressing